City Council Meetings are held at 5:30 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Booneville City Council

Per the "Freedom of Information Act" City Council Meeting Minutes, Codes & Ordinances are available online. Please contact City Hall at (479) 675-3811 for more information.

booneville city councilman alton shackleford

Alton Shackleford

Ward 1 Position 1

Booneville City Councilman Eddie Gossett

Eddie Gossett

Ward 1 Position 2

Booneville City Councilwoman Stacy Holbert

Stacy Holbert

Ward 2 Position 1

Booneville City Councilwoman Tina Siddons Hunt

Tina Siddons Hunt

Ward 2 Position 2

Booneville City Councilman Derrick Wagner

Derrick Wagner

Ward 3 Position 1

Booneville City Councilman Bobby Halford

Bobby Halford

Ward 3 Position 2

Booneville City Attorney Betsy Danielson

Betsy Danielson

City Attorney

Booneville Airport Commission

Booneville Airport Commission, Mike Wyrick

Mike Wyrick


Booneville Airport Commission, Don Hall

Don Hall

Booneville Airport Commission, John Williams

John Williams

Booneville Housing Authority

Booneville Housing Authority, Jeff Gonyea

Russel Swint


Booneville Housing Authority, Jeff Gonyea

Peggy Flemming

Booneville Housing Authority, Jeff Gonyea

Jeff Gonyea

Booneville Housing Authority, Eric Jones

Eric Jones

Booneville Housing Authority, Nakita Parker

Nakita Parker

Booneville Housing Authority, Jeannie Sturgeon

Jeannie Sturgeon

Booneville Parks & Recreation Commission

Operations & Programs

Booneville Parks Commission, Shannon Cotton

Shannon Cotton


Booneville Parks Commission, Allen Ray

Allen Ray

Booneville Parks Commission, Trent Goff

Trent Goff

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Darrin Bulger

Darrin Bulger

Planning & Development

Booneville Parks Commission, Stacy Holbert

Stacy Holbert


Booneville Parks Commission, Billie Jo Hicks

Billie Jo Hicks

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Tanya Hopper

Tanya Hopper

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Casey Lunsford

Casey Lunsford

Booneville Planning & Zoning Commission

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Hanah Fritche

Hanah Davis


Booneville Planning and Zoning, Philip Blankenship

Philip Blankenship

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Aaron Brewer

Aaron Brewer

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Jimmy Wright

Jimmy Wright

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Christin Villarreal

Christin Villarreal

Booneville Water Commission

Booneville Water Commission, Don Murray

Don Murray


Booneville Water Commission, Darrin Bulger

Darrin Bulger

Booneville Water Commission, David Remy

David Remy

Booneville Water Commission, Doug Webb

Doug Webb